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Deutsche Bank part 2: blame the branch manager

I got a call today from my account manager at Deutsche Bank, who was really worried about a ‘negative mark’ he had received from above. Turns out that DB is on the lookout for any kind of negative publicity, such as my recent blog post about their crappy online banking system, and they managed to dig out my account, then the branch that handles it, and the actual manager assigned to my account. And they transferred the hot potato to him, as if he was the cause of my complaint.

Nothing further from the truth. To those at DB reading this: the staff at my branch have actually been the only effective, corteous and professional elements during this whole process – they have nothing to do with my complaint, and I have nothing but praise for them. They actually activated my login within 30 minutes of sending the initial signed receipt, and have always been very helpful.

To further illustrate how badly put together this thing is, take a look at the date picker popup that is used when selecting from -> to dates in two different areas of the online banking site, one being account movements, and the other transfers and payments:

This one loads in an IE window popup, while the other is a Javascript popup:

So, instead of sending black flags to your branch staff, why don’t you start talking to the people who designed, cobbled together, and launched this heap? They are the ones who should be receiving your wrath. It’s impossible anyone at Deutsche Bank has done any usability testing of this, or they would be pulling our their hair (and the developer’s too) – another example, try to click the ‘Accept’ button when requesting account movements between two dates, without having selected the account number from the dropdown provided. You will get an error message informing you that you need to pick an account…and the ‘Accept’ button will be left in a disabled state, no matter what you do. You need to reload the page, select the date range again, make sure you select the account from the dropdown – even if you only have one account, you could pre-select it for crying out loud!

2 Responses to “Deutsche Bank part 2: blame the branch manager”

  1. Vidooshak February 27, 2009 at 23:17 #

    Most banks have such ridiculously designed website interface and security. Considering half the IT security industry targets finance sector as their #1 customer, you’d think they would care more about easier ways for us to reach our money and keeping others away from that money!

    For starters, having websites that work only in IE are the worst form of cyber torture I can think of!

  2. Vidooshak February 27, 2009 at 23:26 #

    The #2 most bewildering Online Security WTF by banks is their use of “birthdate” as an ID proof. How many people would NOT know my birthdate, dude, especially from my KNOWN circle??? I can probably guess the birthdate of half my office based on the “Happy Birthday” messages from HR….

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